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Customer Testimonials

I want you to know that Bee Restored is by far the best hand balm I have ever used. But I cannot stop at that. I also use it as my lip balm. I live in Eugene, Oregon, and bike to work 12 months a year. During those cooler months when the temperature is below 40F, my lips crack badly and painfully at the corners. That is, they did until I started using Bee Restored as a lip balm. For the first time in many, many years I have gone through a full year’s seasons in Eugene without any nasty, painful lip cracking. Thank you, Bee Restored! I run a granola company in Eugene and have given all my production employees Bee Restored. Their reviews have been as enthusiastic as mine. I have tried many other hand balms that look like Bee Restored; but, trust me, they are not the same!

– Brad, Eugene OR about Bee Restored® Natural Hand Lotion Bar


I love this product! It makes my nails noticeably stronger, it lasts, and I like supporting a local business who puts so much care into their products.

– Peggy Moretti about Bee Rub Cuticle Cream


I moved to Arizona two years ago…nothing works like your Bee Rub massage sticks. I am just about out…I would love to order some more.

– Jan, AZ about The Original Bee Rub®


When my husband and I visited Portland last September we went to the Farmer’s Market at Portland State where I picked up a lip lube and I love it. How do I get more of these things? Here in Minnesota, where all the moisture is bound up as ice for six months of the year, keeping my lips lubricated is a full time job (I don’t care if I am addicted). I’m going off of chapstick because it’s petroleum based, and your product is not, plus, Lip Lube works.

– Submitted anonymously about Lip Lube® by Bee Rub


To the folks at Raynblest Farm,

My name is Steve, I work as a tile setter in Portland, OR. Setting tile seems to take the moisture right out of my hands, and can leave them dry and cracked. I’ve tried all kinds of products to minimize the damage that tile work does to my hands. The best I’ve found, by far, is your “Bee Restored” hand bar.

It makes sense to maintain your most useful tools, whatever trade you work in. “Bee Restored” helps keep my hands in good working order! Thanks, and keep up the good work.

– Steve, Portland OR about Bee Restored® Natural Hand Lotion Bar


My family went to Portland for vacation, and stopped at your booth during the farmers market. While there, you gave us two free Bee Rub for us to try on my daughters eczema. OMG! Best stuff EVER. Bee Rub has been the ONLY product that has eased her scratching and soothed her rough, patchy skin. Thank you so much! You have a customer for life!

– Heather about The Original Bee Rub®