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Use Bee Rub from your face to your feet! Originally developed as a solid massage oil, countless Raynblest customers have discovered Bee Rub’s skin softening conditioning quality.



Use Bee Rub from your face to your feet! Originally developed as a solid massage oil, countless Raynblest customers have discovered Bee Rub’s skin softening conditioning quality. Use it instead of lotion, to soothe dry, flaky or cracking skin on your heels, toes, elbows, knees, and anywhere your body could use a little attention to become supple and comfortable again. Bee Rub is also wonderful to remove waterproof make-up instead of cold cream or unnatural products.

Bee Rub is lovingly blended in small batches using pure beeswax from the Raynblest family farm and the finest premium essential oils and plant butters, and is available with a variety of pleasant scents.

Ingredients: Raynblest beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, palm kernel oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E oil, and essential oils.

The Full Story from Barbara

After years of not finding what I was looking for in massage oil, and massage oils being so messy when the bottle is knocked over. I decided to develop a non-greasy drip-less skin conditioning solid massage oil. I tried a number of combinations before I hit on the perfect synergy of beeswax and all natural plant butters and oils that produced the quality that I was looking for. I wanted an oil that would hold its fluidness as long as I was rubbing, but one that would be absorbed and nourish the skin at the end of the massage. I gave my daddy a forty-five minute massage without having to stop and reapply oil.

Though a superb massage oil most of my customers buy our Bee Rub® as a skin softening conditioner. My father-in-laws hand would severely crack and bleed. He had been using cortisone cream for a number of years. He started using Bee Rub® about ten years ago and hasn’t had to use cortisone since. He often comments, “…as well as helping my hands I get my aroma therapy for the day.” Dad uses the Sweet Orange Bee Rub®. Bee Rub® uses only the finest all natural essential oils, no perfumes or fragrances.

I have another customer whose ailing bed ridden mother uses Bee Rub® all over her body. Bee Rub® aids with the chapping from incontinence and the dry flakey skin one gets from prolonged illness and so many medications. Her skin just drinks up the Natural Bee Rub® and she is soothed.

While camping my own brother came limping over to the camp fire one evening. I asked him what was up and he showed me his feet.  Being a warehouse manager, wearing steel toed boots all day had taken a terrible toll on my brother’s feet. They were cracked and bleeding across his arches. I grabbed the Bee Rub® and rubbed his feet with it twice a day for the next three days. By the time I had to leave his feet weren’t bleeding anymore and he could walk without limping. Two weeks later his feet returned to their normal healthy selves, our Bee Rub® worked so well for him that when he runs out he always calls and asks for more.

I use Bee Rub® from my face to my feet. Bee Rub® is wonderful for removing waterproof make-up instead of cold cream and other unnatural products. Bee Rub® helps my cracked heels, dry toes, and feet. Bee Rub® helps sooth my dry knees, elbows, and any itchy skin I may have. I have thrown away all my other lotions and I only use Bee Rub®.

With our skin being our largest organ and with the numerous problems people have with their skin, it makes me so happy and amazed that the Bee Rub® I developed so many years ago has been able to help so many people. Try our Bee Rub® today and finally find relief.

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Sweet Orange, Lavender, Lavender & Tea Tree, Garden Mint, Natural

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